Light up what’s important 

SUN TUNNEL® Skylights Solatube Daylighting Systems bring the outside in and fill your room with beautiful, natural light. So you can create inspiring spaces where you love to live and work.

Your home is a unique reflection of you and your style. But without proper lighting, your home may feel closed in and dark, making it difficult to read, cook, and even differentiate between colours.

With Solatube Daylighting Systems, you can turn any dark room into a sunroom—even those on the ground floor or in the basement. And because installing a Solatube Daylighting System can usually, be done in about two hours, you can change your light and begin enjoying a better quality of life all on the same day. So what are you waiting for?

SUN TUNNEL® Skylights is a registered trademark owned by VKR Holding A/S” as indicated in the VELUX® Installer Guidelines.

• No more messing with the lights every time you enter and leave the bathroom.

• With natural light, reading the small print on medication labels is easier and causes less strain on your eyes.

• Makeup applied in artificial light can end up looking very different when viewed in natural light. Daylighting in your home lets you see how you really look before you venture out in public.

• Shaving in natural light can help you see better, so you can avoid nicks and missed spots.

• Electric lights can give off a yellowish glow, making even a clean bathroom feel grungy. A Solatube Daylighting System gives your bathroom a cleaner, airier feel.

• Detailed tasks such as cutting vegetables become easier and safer with natural light.

• Natural light lets colours burst forth, making salads look greener and more appealing.

• Daylight reduces eye strain, making it easier to read the small print in recipes.

• A Solatube Daylighting System enables light to be placed exactly where you need it to optimize activities like cooking, reading, and socializing.

• Make your home more inviting with entryways, hallways and stairwells that are brightly lit by daylight.

• Hallways often possess under-utilized wall space. With the natural light present, this space can become a showcase for family photos and artwork.

• Adding natural light to a dark stairwell can open up space and help prevent stumbles.

• Daylight aids in colour rendition, so you’ll see colours in their true state. Notice the difference between black and navy blue.

• Transform an entryway into a showpiece. Provide guests with an inviting entry point to your home that makes them feel comfortable and welcomed.